The journey of endless effort to strive for “wealth” and “happiness” is the history of human beings. There are predecessors who paved the way with excellent wisdom and there are many followers.
Wing On is actively joining in the process of leveling the economic gap between the above two.
High technology of the leading countries will help the underdeveloped countries and the energy, resources and materials of the underdeveloped countries will help the leading countries.
Recognize the significance of sharing prosperity while by cooperating, collaborating and correcting mutual disparities.
In the 20th century, human being did not recognize the individual diversity, struggled towards the nationalism, conflicted, and encountered wars.
To coexist, to exchange and to share prosperity will be the solutions.

Dramatic scientific progress has made human beings more comfortable and convenient. It is the leading country that did it.
On the other hand, environmental pollution spreads globally, causing extreme weather, and the temperature rise of the earth.
Pollution of a country does not stay in that country or region, it diffuses to the world.
In order to maintain, develop and succeed a comfortable and convenient life from now on, a worldwide improving of environments including developed countries is necessary.

The imminent threat to humanity is uncountable and its tasks are piled up.
Wing On is a group that challenges and solves these problems by crossing borders, thought, religion and culture.

Wing On Group
Chairman Zangsa Noh